Last updated on July 17, 2018

Walt Disney World


Here are some tips for visiting Walt Disney World

My Disney Experience App

Download the free MyDisneyExperience application. This application can be used to see wait times for attractions. But even more, the application can be used to set up fast passes, order and pay for food at some quick service restaurants, and more.

Touch Points

Touch Points are the devices at park entry gates which check admission. Guests may use Magic Bands or "credit card" type tickets.

To use a touch point, touch the magic band or ticket to the Mickey logo, and place your finger on the reader. Place the finger flat and as far forward on the reader as possible. The touch point will validate the ticket and save biometric data if it is first use or match biometric data on subsequent uses. (The data is saved on a computer, not on the ticket card or magic band). Remember which finger (or thumb) was used as it will be necessary to use the same one on subsequent entries. (But if you forget, it can be reset.)

If it is difficult for the guest to use the reader (often small children), the parent may use their finger. In this case, it will be necessary for the parent to use their finger each time.

It ties not matter if the finger is placed on the reader before touching the ticket or Magic Band to the reader. Do not remove the finger until the reader shows green.

When using a Magic Band, it is easier if it is worn on the arm opposite to the finger that was used.

It does not matter which side of a ticket is placed on the reader as long as it is close enough. The ticket or Magic Band may touch the reader.

If Mickey turns green, the ticket is valid and the biometric data matches. The guest may enter.

If Mickey turns blue, there is an error with the ticket or biometric data. Usually the problem is with the biometric. The Cast Member will reset the touch point and the guest may try again. Make sure the finger is the same one that was used on first entry with the ticket or magic band and that it is placed flat and far forward on the reader.

If the ticket is invalid, expired, or wrong type, or if the biometric data does not match after three tries, a Guest Relations Cast Member will come to the Touch Point to resolve the situation.

If you are having trouble with your ticket and the greeter is busy, you might be tempted to just walk by and not scan your ticket or Magic Band. Don't do it. Fast Passes will only work if the ticket is used for park entry. If you don't scan your ticket/band, none of the Fast Passes on it will work.


Parking is complementary at Typhoon Lagoon.



Walt Disney World has a massive transportation, but there are some "you can't get there from here" without some effort situations.

There is Disney bus service to Typhoon Lagoon from several locations. However, the bus transportation from Typhoon Lagoon is very limited.

From Typhoon Lagoon To Disney Springs
All Disney buses from Typhoon Lagoon go to Disney Springs, a short distance away.

From Typhoon Lagoon To Disney Resort Hotels
Take any Disney bus to Disney Springs. Then transfer to a bus to the desired resort.

From Typhoon Lagoon To a Theme Park
Take any bus to Disney Springs. Then transfer to a bus to a resort. At the resort, transfer to a bus to the park.

It is easier to drive to a theme park or take a taxi, "Minnie" van, Uber or Lyft.

"Minnie" Vans

These are mini-vans driven by Disney Cast Member drivers. They are available for trips only on Disney property. There is a flat $25 fee (as of July 2018). The vans are red with white polka dots.

Taxi, Uber, Lyft

These options are not Disney operated, but may be used for drop-off or pick-up.

Leaving Magic Kingdom

Going to EPCOT

When leaving the Magic Kingdom to go to EPCOT, take the Express Monorail to the Transportation Center. At the Transportation Center, exit the Monorail and walk across to the monorail to EPCOT.

Leaving after fireworks show

There is a second exit from the Magic Kingdom to the entrance plaza. This exit is not usually available, but may be open if there is large crowd. The exit is located between Main Street and Tomorrowland.

There is often a large line waiting for the Express Monorail. The Resort Monorail goes to the Transportation Center and makes one stop at the Contemporary Resort. The Resort Monorail usually has a much shorter waiting line. When there is a long line for the Express Monorail, take the Resort Monorail. The short line usually makes up for the stop in the Contemporary Resort.

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